The following reference materials are designed to promote greater understanding of Internet Protocol and serve as a convenient source of IPv4 information:

RIR Transfer Policy Guide

Based upon the policies of each of the five Regional Internet Registries. This document is updated as the transfer policies are changed.

Transfer & Allocation Watch

Contains significant transfers and allocations reported in ARIN'S Whois database. For some of the transactions, additional information was pulled from non-ARIN websites.


Download comprehensive, business-oriented analysis of the IPv4 marketplace in the form of original whitepapers by Kalorama advisors and contributors.

Guest Contributors

Information sharing and expert analysis are critical to the development of a more transparent, efficient IPv4 transfer market. Therefore, Kalorama is pleased to announce the addition of several Guest Contributors to its blog, beginning with Geoff Huston, Milton Mueller, and Brenden Kuerbis.