A Royal Opinion on Carrier Grade NATs

There are still a number of countries that have Queen Elizabeth as their titular head of state. My country, Australia, is one of those countries. It’s difficult to understand what exactly her role is these days in the context of Australian governmental matters, and I suspect that even in the United Kingdom many folk share […]

Is Speculation a Legitimate Concern in the IPv4 Market?

While participating in a panel discussion titled “IPv4 Exhaustion and the Path to IPv6” at the Internet Society’s INET Denver event last month, I was asked what would happen if an incumbent IPv4 “incumbent-turned-speculator” corners the market in ANY tech vertical that requires constant connectivity. While this is a plausible scenario, I explained, it is not a […]

Can’t sell your IPv4 numbers? Try leasing them.

In a “policy implementation and experience report” presented at ARIN 31 in Barbados, ARIN’s staff noted that they are seeing “circumstances” related to the leasing of IPv4 number blocks.  At the recent INET in Denver, ARIN’s Director John Curran alleged that there is a “correlation” between address leasing activity and organizations that have been unable to […]

A Primer on IPv4, IPv6 and Transition

There is something badly broken in today’s Internet. At first blush that may sound like a contradiction in terms, or perhaps a wild conjecture intended only to grab your attention to get you to read on. After all, the Internet is a modern day technical marvel. In just a couple of decades, the Internet has […]

Kalorama Welcomes Guest Contributors Geoff Huston, Milton Mueller, & Brenden Kuerbis

We consider information sharing and expert analysis to be critical to the development of a more transparent, efficient IPv4 transfer market. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce three new guest contributors to Kalorama’s blog, Geoff Huston, Milton Mueller, and Brenden Kuerbis.  We have partnered with them because of their ability to articulately distill the salient […]

RIPE New Policy Proposal: No Need to Justify Utilization for IPv4 Resources

In a recent RIPE NCC policy proposal (proposal number 2013-03), Tore Anderson from Redpill Linpro suggested a major makeover to existing policy: removing all need-based assessment for IPv4 resources delegations  (including, but not limited to, transfers) in the RIPE NCC service region. The proposal is named “No Need – Post-Depletion Reality Adjustment and Cleanup.” The […]

Unintended Consequences: Does IPv4 Allocation Policy Favor Large, Incumbent Hosting Companies in the U.S. and Europe?

As the supply of IPv4 addresses quickly diminishes, larger, more established hosting companies and carriers that acquired significant IPv4 address allocations from ARIN between 2008 and the present will have an advantage over smaller, younger operators. Why? Because ARIN policy is need-based; in other words, companies seeking an allocation of IPv4 addresses must justify the […]


As part of Kalorama’s on-going commitment to facilitate transparency and better understanding of the IPV4 marketplace, we are reporting the following significant updates to the WHOIS database:   Transferor Transferee IP Addresses Registration Date Merck, Inc. Amazon Technologies Inc. 2013-02-19 ARIN AT&T Internet Services     2013-03-01